Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Helios - Caesura

With Fall fading from us somewhere in November under it's rains that washed away their colours to leave us with the skeleton trees soaked with yearning for the next season.  While everyone around me seemed to be dreading the first snowfall, I was quietly planning an album for its welcome.

We moved in a friend of mine into his new apartment which was excitably close to parc lafontaine at the start of December and he asked me to lend my painting arm to turn his four walls into a contrast of cream and lowland grassy green.  As we walked to his apartment, giant snowflakes began to cover everything on the street.  That's when he turned to me and said that he would understand if I took my park walk now instead of painting back at his place.  Of course I said no and continued on to the apartment while sending out wishes with each step that winter's welcome wouldn't end before I got there.

A few rolling lessons and four walls later I was out on the street.  I could see the ground had a healthy coat of white as I made my way across the street to Parc Lafontaine.

I remember last year I listened to a phone message from my Aunt that had seen some photos I had taken on a walk through Parc Lafontaine.  She said that she loved them and that my surroundings were exactly what I needed.  I had no idea that those simple images of afternoon light on fall trees and Sunday walkers all against dark grey clouds would stay with her, but they did.  I enjoyed many compliments and chats about those same parcscapes in her apartment and on her hospital bed where she lived her final days.  63 and 25, generation gaps say that we aren't supposed to connect, at least not in what i thought was my dreamy way of walking under trees.  I knew this was why I tried my best to find an apartment close to the parc.

It took me nearly an hour with Caesura,  but I walked it's entirety and I made sure to trace my steps to the same spots I had a year before and stopped and stood with the frame of a shot in my eyes without a phone message waiting for me at home. 

I remember in those last minutes when I went in alone to say my goodbyes, I asked her that if this is your last day then let's talk about all the things that you'll find at home.  Somehow I know that she agreed.

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