Saturday, December 12, 2009

Toro Y Moi - Blessa b/w 109 7"

I was nearly sticking my head out my window with my laptop trying to hold on to a unknowing neighbor's WIFI connection so that we could check the message board calendar to find a show for the night. Skimming through their myspace's, we stopped on this artist who's name we still don't know how to properly pronounce. Blessa was the best fit for this summer night but the calendar lied and apparently he had played the night before. Fast forward to early November and Toro Y Moi was returning to Montreal. After a load of confusion, it seemed he must have had troubles preventing him from crossing the border. As I was disappointingly handing in my coat check ticket to leave, my friend Vas shouted out in the nick of time from the staircase: "Vish! He's Here!". The first couple of songs were shaky with the soundcheck being adjusted as we went but it smoothed out within those 25 minutes he stood on stage. When I met Chaz and his good buddy whom I recognized as the LP lover from his blog, I was shocked to hear that the last song he played filled with countless vocal layers and swimmingly nostalgic beats was actually an improv session after he had car troubles and his appearance was in severely in doubt. February is circled for Toro Y Moi's full length release...

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