Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Riding Rails Through Fields

I've packed my bag full of clothes and managed to squeeze in my laptop the night before I board the train bound for the East Coast. I'm expecting the purple-red sky to greet me as we say goodbye to the Montreal cityscape and begin carving new lines in the country fields and worn pathways of the pine forests. I won't step off until Miramichi to meet my sister and the few days before Kel and Cath meet us for the holiday weekend. I imagine I'll have my headphones on most of the time, finishing off the last pieces of I Found Your Faces Of Montreal, which will be scattered along the coast of New Brunswick.

There are many hopes and desires for this new record which have been bounced off a few characters which you may have read about here. Be sure to check back in a few weeks for more much needed stories, album release news and promises of videos.

Rolling through the night to a morning,

You Are My Symphonic

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