Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sound In Motion

I've realized that my weekends have been following a two-day pattern involving exploration & creation.  

On a Saturday in July, I found my toes covered by the sands of the Sugar Beach party for the first annual Sound In Motion independent electronic music festival.  The city’s EDM community was yearning for a small crack to emerge in the concrete jungle of Toronto.  What they got was an enormous leap forward for the city.  

I felt a surge of ideas flowing through me as forceful & timed as the percussive elements that soundtracked the sun-soaked afternoon.  The intense inner-rises brought reminders of MUTEK’s edition of Piknic Electronik where I would stare back across the water to Montreal, realizing it was an emerald city.  Diving back into those same feelings with my close friends Davy, Dani & V gave that added touch.  Leaving the beach, we laid down at the top of the grassy knoll that overlooked the neon city with it’s millions of voices & stories.

Creation followed on Sunday with Davy & I raiding the film archives, finding visual pieces to patch together to accompany the new You Are My Symphonic live show.  The summer has been in full motion with rewarding musical expression.  The fall season feels strong with the promise of live shows and more.  It's an exciting time to be moving.

Dani & V surprised me with a unique billboard of cupcakes entitled “You Are My Symphonic” which we picked apart one by one.  Dani gave insight into the weekend saying that all the moments were random, but somehow, they fit together.  She said that as I recalled playing the Toronto Pan Am Games piano at Sugar Beach, outside the Sound In Motion festival, painted in the her country’s colours, the Dominican Republic.  

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