Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Found Your Faces Of Montreal - Update

I came to Montreal and my friends and family didn't leave the old city but kept appearing to me in the streets, on the metro or at a party. It turned into some kind of a game and I would laugh to myself when I would lock eyes with someone's certain features and bits of personality. I found the faces and the fragments of the people that I knew well while taking a walk with my friends - alone in Montreal.

Last spring, I Found Your Faces Of Montreal was nearly completed but was tragically lost during a daylight robbery. Today, I'm glad to say that its being re-written and has taken on a larger personality than its younger sister.

Some of the tracks are included in the player and stay tuned for further updates! Here is it's summer shape:

1. Meet Me In Trinity

2. Autumn In Summer

3. My Father And His Sister

4. Under Your Umbrella

5. I Found Your Faces Of Montreal

6. Rooftop

7. The Light Across your Face

8. I Traveled Home

9. Tell Me How You Loved The Year


  1. I cannot wait for this release!! "Essential purchase" for sure... any tentative release date in effect? End of 2009 or maybe Spring 2010? I'm not going to spoil a note until the CD Release Party!

    By the way, you should Boomkat the albums I just put up... both reviews compare to other artists and mention Brian Eno for some reason, but they might be up your alley.

  2. So far its going to be a Spring 2010 release...I'm looking forward to soaking up all of what Autumn and the start of Winter has to offer. Plus, I need to collect more seasonal photos and videos to compliment the songs!