Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springtime Blog Warmth

The first few warm breaths of spring have found their way into the streets and parks of Montreal. Helping to shake off the cobwebs and to usher in the season of growth are these two wonderful blog posts:

Teepoo (Tiana Feng) is the curator of the "Ride The Tempo" blog who has a created an extensive musical database which loves to support Canadian artists. Her support is what the Canadian music scene is yearning for. "Rooftop" has made her listening section of the site, check it out here. Many thanks Tiana.

Stories of discover are the one's you often tell and re-tell to your friends or generally to anybody who will hear it. I have a few I like to tell, including when I first heard Dreamsploitation's "Death to the Chuck I Hate" on the radio. It was a surprising and extremely gratifying moment when I stumbled across Josh from Techcredible's post about his first funny encounter hearing You Are My Symphonic on the radio and trying to catch the lyrics of I Found Your Faces of Montreal to power his google search later in an effort to find it. He recaps the storied loss of the first version of IFYFOM which is a good reminder to always move forward to create and co-create. Check it out here. Many thanks Josh.



(You Are My Symphonic)

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