Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Expedition For The Future

Hi Friends,

They say a new age of enlightenment is upon us & I can already sense it's brew of pleasant thoughts. I've been looking back on the early few weeks of this year and have continually asked myself, "That's it? It's only February?!". I hope you are all experiencing moments that you'll cherish.

It's sometimes hard to define that exact moment when things started in motion for you. The momentum of 2012 began when The Skeleton Crew Quarterly (SCQ) ranked "I Found Your Faces of Montreal" at #5 of their 2011 top albums list. Finding my place on that well-guarded list found me completely speechless & capped off an absolutely wonderful year for You Are My Symphonic. Warmest thanks to SCQ for their post, and equally, to you all who have listened and made "I Found Your Faces of Montreal" a part of your experiences. My pride swells when I think of the possibility of you forging new memories with my album in hand. Thank you.

Jason Rodi of Nomad Nation is an explorer. He's currently on a cross sub-antarctic voyage to Bouvet Island which is the most remote island in the world. Over the past months, he's collected the visions of the next 50 years from school children, adults, artists, scientists, anybody really. They will placed in a time capsule & buried in the farthest point from humanity - a voyage to the future. It's been tough and on the eve of the landing on Bouvet island, Jason expresses his thoughts with the warmth of "The Light Across Your Face". It glows a feeling of "We Made It". I'll always watch this as a reminder of going there, wherever there may be. What is your vision of the future?


(You Are My Symphonic)

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