Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween's Weekend

Well in the usual last minute movements just before a Halloween party, I was scouring the streets and my mind for costume ideas. My morning meditation session yielded only visions of prop-driven costumes that had me carrying an inflatable anvil or round ended weights & a tattered and inverted umbrella. Props are usually my friends at Halloween. Last year, Mar & I went to the park and gathered up some leaves and branches while keeping watch for the cops as unsure criminals. Lots of tape later & with a stuffed toy owl sitting in my shirt, I was instantly a tree. Several thumbs up from constant judging tied to Halloween told me that I had pulled it off. But with a tight spaced party in the future plans for this evening, I figured I better tighten things up. A gorilla suit had a hold on me, but the heat would prove to be unbearable and the crucial drinking hole in the mouth was missing. A wig, curly moustache, a doctor's coat & a big novelty foam finger will make me some kind of weirdo proctologist, even to be confused with Borat. Fall forgive me, but wish me luck.


(You Are My Symphonic)

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