Saturday, October 29, 2011

CBC Radio 2 Airplay & SCQ Review

It was by chance that I checked Laurie Brown's CBC Radio 2: The Signal playlist on my way out from work & I was thrown back in my seat when I saw You Are My Symphonic in the first hour of the broadcast. I started on with the social media & texting various friends and family. My sister, Ro, even called my mother, who's birthday was the same day, to help her dial into the CBC station out of Toronto. It was an extremely fulfilling moment to hear those first few scattered notes of "Autumn Will Fall in Love" hit the airwaves. A beautiful moment to be played, especially with the autumn theme of the broadcast. If that wasn't enough, the highlight description of The Signal Podcast #66 featured the uneasy history of I Found Your Faces of Montreal. Then, to cap it off, "I Traveled Home" was put into the rotation on Monday. Take the podcast with you in your autumn walks and don't be surprised to discover new contemporary experimental music with The Signal.

Exploring through the independent & experimental music scene can result in adventurous sea stories of the times you stumbled upon growing musical collectives, all-star mixers & masters and microlabels putting out handcrafted keep-sakes. Ryan Pratt, who is at the helm of The Skeleton Crew Quarterly (SCQ), has a well earned reputation for truly understanding and keeping up with the steady flow of albums, both personal and promotional, that land at his doorstep, giving the attention these albums deserve. With his endless support, Ryan has written a review for ABOA & had asked me to contribute to his Year End Review Feature back in 2009. This week, IFYFOM was featured in his Quarterly Feature which explores music tied to the natural growth or decay of a season. It's a great honour to have the album rated at 88% & to be at home with other autumn tones. Enjoy the review & the depths of music where SCQ is continually steering us towards.


(You Are My Symphonic)

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