Monday, October 10, 2011

The October Turn

Busting the 20 degree celsius mark over a holiday weekend in the middle of a Canadian October is about as strange as finding imagery of change on a Caribbean beach where the temperature and sun beams flirt within a very tight and predictable margin. Two weeks away with Mar alongside the still turquoise waters & white sands gives a seemingly infinite set of moments to feel connected in some way. It's a side of me that isn't unlocked very often in this northern climate, and emerges when I drift closer towards the humid sun of my birthplace, Trinidad.

My father enjoys telling me stories of his past, navigating the oceans and seas of the world, the ebb & flow of the currents & tides. I spent so much time in the water that even in the night, I could feel the frequent movements of the sea from my abdomen to my grown sea legs. Waves traverse the globe and crash into the shores, pulverizing some ancient rocks into fine beach grains. The horizon is cut straight by the blue sky at the unattainable distance. I found out later that our minds give into the illusion, believing its much farther away than the 3 miles where it actually lies. It's true you can never catch it after you start running towards it, but then again, the possibilities are much closer than we'd like to think. It's funny to imagine that the Flat Earth Society put all their chips into a belief bet that could have been revealed, merely 3 miles out.

Monica Farago is a personality you'd love to meet. Her's is a character that has grown to fill all the seams of her spirit. Multi-faceted & energetic, I was honored when she decided to write an article about You Are My Symphonic's two releases: ABOA & IFYFOM. She speaks of my love affair with aviation & goes as far as to call me a "musical master chef". A great friend & music lover, thank you Monica for all your support. You can check out her article at the following link:

I remember to one year ago this weekend when I shot the footage with Mar, Vas & Kelly at Le Massif mountain in Quebec, Canada. David Woodford edited those images into this beautiful piece. If you haven't already seen it, I trust this will help wrap you in the colors of the season.

Leaning into the turn through October,

Vish (You Are My Symphonic)

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