Friday, April 20, 2012


It was nearly a year ago, at a chance encounter in the ticket line for MUTEK in Montreal, when Vas & I met Kate & Laura and first heard about the Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts. The festival stickers they gave us revealed the opening date as April 25th, 2012. That, being my 30th birthday, planted a seed within me that has grown while leading up to this classic milestone that is usually mired in expectations of a constant slowing.

Not in this case. Momentum has been building with the most natural of flows, raising the symbolism of this journey to the saturation point. We will be dropped into the Arizona desert where our travels will carve a path through the red rocks of Sedona, Monument valley and their lush relatives who live in the dense landscapes of Colorado. The alternating nature of the swelter & the chills, the barren & the flourishing are both jarring and refreshing.

From April 25th to April 29th the "MicroTopias" of the Communikey Interdisciplinary Arts Festival will become our home. In another organic evolution, The Tea Arbor afternoon at which You Are My Symphonic will perform has been moved to the Naropa University venue, a place where the teachings of East and West truly meet.

There is something to say about the apparent alignment of this journey and it's newfound focus.

The Very Best,


(You Are My Symphonic)

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