Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Curious Montreal Releases "Exposant C: You Are My Symphonic"

It's not often that you cross paths with a collective that is equally focused on their own disciplines as they are united by their desire for collaborative creation. It was my immense pleasure to spend an entire Saturday with this rhythmic team who love stretching their curiosity muscles (Read The Earlier Post Here).

It's with surprising speed that the "Exposant C: You Are My Symphonic" by Curious Montreal is released.

Absolutely brilliant work by this talented collective. Beautiful Photo direction by Anthony Lapoire, flowing editing by Maxime Charron, visionary production by Isabella Gennaro & an eloquent forward by Ariane Perpignani.

Warmest thanks to my dear friends David, Ryan & Vasanth for being there on the rooftop and in the park. Familiar places were turned into something completely new.

The spring bloom continues.



(You Are My Symphonic)

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